Very comfortable pair of jeans trousers

Hi everyone!
Today I show you a winter look. We are “suffering” a very cold and rainy winter, so that is what my look shows and I hope you like it.

I am wearing a very comfortable pair of jeans trousers. It is quite difficult for me to find trousers that really suit me, that is why I feel so happy with these ones (that is why I bought another two pairs and I will buy more in the future). I also wear a striped black and white long sleeve t-shirt, I bought it in Carnival to dress up myself as a mime and, since them, I love it. I complete the look with a long cozy grey and black woolen cardigan. It is very fluffy and warm and I don’t need any more warm clothes as I feel very protected from cold.

I complete the look with a wool set consisting of a beret and a scarf. They are handmade and very lovely too. My complements are a pair of tees with snake print (from the sales) and a blue bag from Christmas gift.

Jeans: flea market
T-shirt: Only
Cardigan: Trendy Life
Beret and scarf: Viodivinitys
Bag: Muchas
Tee: Stradivarius
Glasses: Multiópticas

Do you like the look? Any suggestions? I would like to read your comments.

As always, thanks so much to my colleague Silvia for the pics ;)