Blue and red squares for winter

Fortunately, last days have been quite sunny, so last Saturday was a good occasion to take some pics near the seaside, as you can see in this post (and also in Silvia’s last post), we went to Gandarío beach as, I said was a wonderful day.
Although it was quite hot because of the sun, it was also cold at some moments, that’s why I decided to take my navy blue trench and combine it with navy blue and red complements. 

I love this squared shirt, it is one of my best purchases ever, as it is very wearable, and I also love the red of its squares. I really like these jeans because they really suit me and I don’t feel like I’m stuffed. I bought these  sort-of-Oxford-shoes in the flea market, and they are sooo comfy that it is like wearing slippers and, finally, the bag has the perfect size to take the most essential items, and avoid taking so many useless things as I usually do when wearing bigger bags.

Trench: Vila Clothes
Shirt: Lefties
Bag: Sfera
Jeans: flea market
Shoes: flea market
And this is all for my part, hope you like and see you in the next post.
Martina xx.