Look with sneakers

Hi guys! There was a long time that I didn’t show you any look…mainly because I have nobody around me to take me some pics…so this week I meet a friend and I asked her to take me some photos of this look with sneakers.
Let’s see it.

I decided to wear it with leggings-like-trousers and a long shirt in blue navy, as the sneakers, and a jeans-like jacket, which is very useful these days, as it is not very cold and covers you from the rain, and also a navy scarf with flowers.
The bag is the one I use to take to work, as it is very useful and comfortable to wear, it is very versatile and it has the adequate size to take the folder and my personal stuff.

Here you have some pics taken in Casa del Agua in Riazor, A Coruña.
Hope you like them.

See you!

Jacket: Zara
Trousers: flea market
Blouse: Esprit
Sneakers: Primark (new)
Scarf: flea market
Bag: Misako