Fall Shoes

Today I decided to show you my last purchases…and they are all shoes, because all girls love clothes and of course, shoes. I needed to renew my footwear, as my old shoes were quite worn-out or even old-fashioned. Since last fall and winter classic Oxford shoes and also sneakers are trendy, so I couldn’t resist to this fashion trend and I succumbed to them. Let’s see then my new acquisitions:

Oxford shoes. (Primark)

I love this kind of shoes, and I fell in love with these beautiful brown Oxford shoes when I saw them. They are very versatile as you can wear them with trousers, skirts or even dresses. They are very stylish and wearable in fall, winter and even in cold spring days.

Sneakers. (Primark)

Definitely, sneakers are the most comfortable footwear ever, in my view, as I always try to wear comfortable shoes, they are the best option, they keep my feet warm and trendy. This blue navy colour is very cool and it is very easy to combine.

Tennies/Slip on. (Primark)

I didn’t know the name for these shoes in English, I found they are called tennies but also slip on which is cooler and trendier. I saw them when I bought the sneakers and I thought they could replace my old Converse sneakers, which were really old and worn-out. I love its subtle animal print and colour and, as the sneakers, they are really comfortable too.

Do you like my new footwear? Which one do you prefer?
See you in the next post.

Martina xx