Autumn Wishlist

It has been a long time since I wrote my last post, so today I come back with a new one about my list of favourite items (clothes, complements and make up) for this season. I have many other wishes, but these are the main ones. Let’s start!

The first item I want to show you is this beautiful pink Zara coat, I love its colour and its fabric (wool), is very comfy and it has the perfect length, as it is not short, not long, so it is very wearable.

 The next item is also from Zara, in this case is a wonderful klein blue jacket, it is also made of wool and I love it because I love blue colours, specially this one, klein blue, and I also like the shape the sleeves and also the zipper.

The last item from Zara are these slip on, as they are really fasionable nowadays, and my favourite ones are these in drawn black leather, apart from fashioable they are really wearable and chic.

Now I want to show you this useful and practical Misako bag, it is quite big so it is indicated to take to job, as it suitable for taking the folder, the diary and many other things women have in our bags which most of them are quite useless :P

The next one is a squared shirt from Primark. Grunge style, which was very trendy in early 90s is fashionable again in our days, with clothes and items that copy Kurt Cobain style, the forefather of grunge style. This shirt is also available in red, but it reminds me the typical Scottish skirt my mother wanted me to wear as a little girl.

And the last item on my list is this wonderful and famous make up palette by Naked, I saw it in many reviews in fashion blogs and it simply beautiful, I barely wear make up but, if someone wants to buy it for me, I would be glad to receive such a wonderful gift.

And this is my autumn wishlist, do you like it? Which are your favourite items for this season? Hope to read your comments.

See you!