My Vintage & Second Hand Items

Hi again! I was thinking on the subject of my next post when, suddenly, the idea of writing about my vintage and second hand complements came to my mind, so I decided to show you them.

Let’s start with it!

First of all I want to show you a very special bag to me, as it belonged to my granny, she gave it to me about 10 years ago, but it is now when I really appreciate its value. It is made of authentic leather and she bought it about 50 years ago, so I cannot express how special it is for me. It is very cute and easy to wear if you just want to take the essential staff in your bag as your purse, your mobile phone, your keys and maybe a lipstick.

I will continue showing you a pair of items I bought in a second hand store the first time I was in the UK. I was in Portsmouth (UK) in august 2009 when I discovered a wonderful second hand shop full of beautiful things, and when I saw this bag and this scarf I felt in love with them as the bag is very easy to combine and the colours of the scarf are adorable.

And finally I want to show you my last vintage purchases. I bought these lovely scarves in a recently opened second hand store in Betanzos, my town. I entered there by chance…but it was not a good idea as I liked everything there, its clothes, complements, furniture, decoration…but I really felt enhanced by these beautiful scarves. I loved their colours, their print and also their fabric, as the one on the left is made of authentic silk and its touch is really soft.

Hope you liked my vintage complements and I am looking forward to read your comments and opinions, do you like vintage clothes and complements? Have you ever bought in a second hand store? Let me know!

See you soon!