My Rituals Experience

Last Saturday I entered by chance in a big store and I saw a stand of a famous cosmetic brand I have been reading about during last months: Rituals I knew it is an important body care brand but I did not know it also has facial care products such as creams and facial soaps conceived to keep our skin clean and moisturised by means of Japanese plants such as lotus and rice flowers. I bought a cleanser and a facial scrub and I would like them for you and I hope you find it interesting and useful.
Let’s go!

Creamy Foam Cleanser

The girl on the stand shown me this product and I tested it in my hand and I must confess I loved it. Its texture is very soft and it is conceived to deeply clean our skin by means of a soft massage all around our face and neck until you have a kind of foam, then you wash your face with water and you will have a clean and moisturized skin. As I said before, it is really soft and it is very easy to retire with water. I tested it in my face and I noticed my skin was fresh and clean and I must confess I love its lotus flower smell too.

Brightening Face Exfoliator

As you may know, it is recommended to scrub our skin once a week, in order to clean it deeply and remove dead cells that obstruct the pores and produce spots and pimples. This product is indicated to be applied when our face and neck are wet with a gentle massage and rinsed with mild water. It has a lovely lotus flower fragrance and makes our skin look healthy and radiant.

Hope you like this beauty post and, if you are interested in this kind of products, I want you to inform you that, if you buy the Glamour magazine you will obtain a Rituals body scrub, I already have mine and I am looking forward to use it as soon as possible.

See you soon!