Hi everybody!

First of all I suppose I should introduce myself, my name is Martina and I am philologist, and during the last years I have been working as a teacher in academies or freelance, teaching at my home or in different places around Betanzos, my town.

I met Silvia in 2007 when we studied a master course in the University of Coruña and, since then, we kept in touch. Some weeks ago she asked me if I would like to take part in this new adventure, as I also like fashion and trends, and I said yes, so I am starting today writing in this virtual space. I hope you like my ideas and enjoy them.

I decided to write about winter trends. This winter the sporty style rules (sweatshirts, sneakers, tracksuits…) but I prefer to talk about a trend that never gets old-fashioned, the “Lady style” or the “Sixties style”, that is, a style based on Audrey Hepburn and other 1960’s icons so I will show you the items I chose, hope you like them.

I love this pink Kling coat, it’s very easy to combine and I love the collar and also its soft candy pink colour.

I always liked lady-like-dresses, like the black one, but it is also fashionable to combine this sixties style with boho print like the one on the left or the white one on the right. All these dresses are from Zara.

I continue showing you more cute dresses from Zara.

My favourite colour is blue and when I saw this klein blue dress I immediately felt in love with it. I love the fabric, the body and the skirt and I think it’s simply beautiful.

The flower print dress is very easy to wear as you can wear it with boots, flat shoes or ballerinas or even high heels, I like its colours and the flower print. If you dare you can wear it with high socks and flat shoes as the girl in the picture which is quite chic and trendy.

And I finish this review of my favourite winter clothes showing you this beautiful and wearable sweater from Stradivarius. I really like the colour, the fabric and the fact that you can combine it with every colour and also with jeans, trousers or skirts.

Hope you like my selection. I will be glad to read your comments and suggestions and also hope to see you in my next post.